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Meaning of the Roses

The language of this excellent product is what has been handed down by mankind from generation to generation; called the queen of flowers, for her impressive appearance, soft fragrance and delicate elegance, the most important of all.
Since the days of ancient Rome, it has been used as a perfume by the most powerful women of the empire; it was decorated with famous palaces and castles.

Flowers, including a rose, are used as a message when the words become superfluous.

Let's find out what the number of roses that you give says:



   1 ROSE I like you

   2 ROSES forgive me

   9 ROSES Together Forever

   12 ROSES   Marry me

  24  ROSES I’m only yours

  36 ROSES  I’m in love

  101 ROSES  I love you infinitely


One rose - it is a flirtation; speaks of a soft and elegant courtship, when you give a rose, you are telling that special person, that you feel attracted to it.

I like you

2ROSES is a petition for forgiveness for an act you really regret is a beautiful way to say sorry

Forgive me

9 ROSES talks about a promise that   We'll always be together ...

Together Forever

12 ROSES  If you have already taken a decision to spend the rest of your life with this person, giving her 12 roses you want to ask her will you marry me?

Marry me

24 ROSES are given when you realize that for you there is no longer a friend of the closest person on Earth when you realize that it exceeds all your expectations and you do not need to look for anyone else but her.
  I am only yours

36 ROSES is a declaration of love more effective than any other way to shout loud to heaven that

I'm in love

101 ROSES is to say the one you love that you are ready to spend all your life beside this person and you don’t need anyone else.

I love you infinitely


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