Thursday, 22 March 2018 14:25

Find the message behind a flower

Give flowers as a present is a tradition from a lot of years ago, who gives flowers usually is consider as a sensible and romantic person who tries to find happiness in the little things, is not afraid to buy them, or even go for the street with, that means that someone who gives flowers is a person very sure of him or herself. But not all people know that the type of flowers or its color has a different meaning


Roses:   symbol of love, but even their different color or amount has a different meaning, red roses without a doubt mean I love you; white rose’s means purity and innocence, and pink roses are symbol of happiness.


The orchid means seduction, beauty and sensuality


Daisies: symbolize unity, the perfect balance between beauty and sensuality


Violets: represent inner beauty, in ancient times they were symbol of mystery between the sky, earth and the union between body and mind


Jasmine: with its intense fragrance made it symbol of order and neatness


Lotus flowers:  just because their perfection represents illumination, creation and purity, in addition to their peculiarity of opening and closing their petals at sunrise and sunset.


Tulips: in general they represent fidelity, loyalty and respect


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